It is considered a very viable and practical solution that has the possibility of reducing the pressure that can be generated in different areas on which our body rests. The great advantage of using this type of mattress is that it is indicated for any patient who, for whatever reasons, will be immobilized for some time: for example, those who have some type of fracture, who have alterations in blood flow, that present neurological problems, that have excessive sweating, fecal or bladder incontinence, as well as any other related problem.

Now that you know how a mattress of this type works, let’s dig a little deeper into this topic analyzing the different types of antiescaras that exist.

Types of bedsore mattresses

There are three large groups among which you can classify bedsore mattresses: in air mattresses, foam mattresses, and water mattresses.

Air anti mattresses anti-bedsore-gray

This is usually the most chosen option and the one that gets the best results since these mattresses have been manufactured using a material that has the ability to be very flexible and highly manageable.

Generally, it is available either in white or in a transparent color. You can take it from

Internally, it has small ducts (known as celts or cells) that can be inflated alternately using a compressor; In addition, in many of the models of mattresses that we can buy in the market, this compressor is included so that we do not have to buy it in an additional way.

The idea is to reduce the pressure exerted in certain areas of the body with the aim of encouraging blood flow.

There are some very precise models that have remote controls that will help the patient to be able to inflate certain areas, instead of the whole set.

Anti water mattresses

On the other hand, we find anti water mattresses that have been manufactured using plastic. Inside it is placed hot water that is usually at a temperature of approximately 37 °.

The idea is to get the body to recreate the sensation of floating but avoiding the cold that can be so damaging for ulcers.