We are increasingly aware of the importance that a good rest has on our health. We are concerned about acquiring the adequate rest equipment and we inform ourselves before making the purchase. Many people at that time out for a high firmness mattress that provides them with the ideal support to rest.

The firmness mattress high is good for you

More physiotherapists, doctors, and other health professionals recommend sleeping on a high mattress too firm. The reasons for them are varied and vary according to each user. In general, we will obtain the following benefits.

Greater comfort       

We will never reach a point of “too much support”. However, we can stay short. Especially in the elderly, this can be a problem. They need good support of their back, neck, and joints.

Correct alignment of the spine

Maintaining a proper posture is always important, also when resting. If your back is incorrectly positioned during the eight hours you spend in bed, surely the next day you will not find too well. A high firmness mattress will provide you with the necessary support to maintain the correct posture of the back. You will avoid causing stress in the area, and you will get up more rested.

Deeper dream

The human body is not able to rest on a mattress that is too soft. This is because it will be permanently looking to balance the different parts of the body and the positions that it adopts. Not only is it a matter of the back, but the whole body also needs good support to be able to have a deep sleep. If you constantly have to be moving to be more comfortable, you will not rest well.

Distribution of body weight

Insufficient support will cause parts of the body to sink into the mattress, causing bad postures.

Health benefits

Adequate rest helps to have better health. During the night, the body performs hundreds of processes to regenerate and rejuvenate body cells. It is when the growth hormone is activated and insulin levels decline. Without the proper support that allows you to sleep soundly, you will be losing many of those benefits.